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Sousse Parade
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Sousse by
[Ministry of tourism]
2006 FECC Congress in Croatia
Port El Karaoui
& top rated RUI Hotel Belleview Park
Port El Karaoui is a modern tourist center with an international yachting port built in typical Arab style based on the medina found in most ancient cities in tunisia and the Arab world. Pass into this picturesque honecomb of alleyways, whitewashed houses, arches and patios splashed with flowers. At the Port El Kantaoui center there are cozy cafes, bars, restaurants which invite you stay a while as well as many boutiques, jewelry stores and traditional clothing stores with better quality merchandise. There is also a 36 hole golf course, charter boat hire, ATV and motor bike rental to supplement the many water sports and other activities offered by the 150 plus seaside resort hotels.


The last 300+ room resort hotel well before the wide sandy beaches return to a hodgepodge of local apartments and restaurants is the RUI Bellevue Park. Rui hotels emphasize excellent service, seaside locations and exceptional healthy food which keeps their guests singing their praises. The lobby and pool areas of both this renovated in 2005 and the older next door Rui Imperial Mahaba were palatial and striking in their beauty and pool gardens. A third Hotel Riu Green Park was located adjacent to the yacht harbor and golf course making the Spanish chain with 200 luxury beach hotels in 20 countries a top option for Sousse or the adjacent Hamman-Sousse seaside complex best known at Port El Kantaoui. [hotel page]

"wow,what a place me and the wife to be went there to get away for just a week, just before our wedding and was blown away by the staff at the Riu ClubHotel Bellevue Park they could not do any more for.
Matt from Wales APR-07


Three times!



or is it Aoussou as International FECC President Henry van der Kroon called for the FECC "3 times" cheer many times during the best ever opening ceremony produced in the historic north African City of Sousse, Tunisia by the Association Carnaval Aoussou. [The above foto was taken moments before the striking 3rd consecutive FECC monument was unveiled. [more]

For the first time since the 2001 St. Petersburg conference opened at the magnificent Catherine's Palace in Russia, the Federation of European Carnival Cities [FECC] traveled beyond its traditional European boundaries to Africa, the motherland of humanity and thus Carnival --the first festival-- by immersing itself in the legendary hospitality of Tunisia with its 3000 years of recorded history at nearby northeastern corner of the African continent.

"Tunisia, the Country of Peace, heir to a long 3000 year history as a cradle of civilizations and culture is confident that it is living today in a new, happy era. 

Tunisia has always been an outstanding symbol of fairness and tolerance. It seeks collaboration and solidarity with all human beings.

With a great focus on the human dimension and strong belief that if ideologies fail to create a better world the cultural and the human sense can bring people closer to push away conflicts between civilizations and religions.

Cultural Tourism is a strategic pointer in the industry of tourism for Tunisia as it helps enrich the experience for visitors and improve competiveness as we promote the Tunisian cultural and historical heritage.

Having the FECC Carnival City congress in Tunisia, and especially Sousse improves and deepens the relationships between our societies. It shows our conviction to create more occasions to bring people together and help each other through creative collaboration between our cities, strengthening relationships of harmony and understanding.

Thanks to our voluntary work developing the cultural and tourist scenes in our cities, d

2007 Sousse Tunisia

FECC Carnival Cities Summit

espite critical international situations, we are taking an active part to create peaceful stability in the work.

Enjoy the great hospitality of the Tunisian people which comes from deep convictions and beliefs to respect the rights of everybody.

Ettijani El haddad
The secretary of state &  Minister of Tourism

"I am so pleased to express my heartfelt bliss as well as pride attending the 27th Summit of the FECC Carnival City organization in the city of Sousse.

We wish you an enjoyable as well as fruitful stay amongst us, your tunisian friends and hosts knowing pertinently the underlying historical as well as the profound ties of civilization which bind us all together.

Welcome to our beloved Motherland, Tunisia. The land of peace, security, tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue whose citizens venerate the holy ties of friendship, worship collective work and cherish such strong faith in the necessity of favoring peace as well as serenity all over the world. I am equally bound to pay tribute to the FECC organization of carnivals and festival-holding cities which has chosen both Sousse and Hammam Sousse as the host  - cities as the location for this summit.

Sousse, this city upon the coast, is a pearl of the cosmos, a cultural light, enriching the canivalesque experiments  through cultural exchange, constructively renewing the working to derive benefits from the latest technologies to update and endow the carnival shows with a great sense of the sublime. Together we can make Sousse,  a cradle fusing the various cultures and national civilizations into one, homogeneous, universal, salvational culture, transcending all alienating boundaries, bridging the gap between the nations of the world and strengthening their mutual trust.

Aoussou Festival which is celebrating its 49th cyclical rebirth as concrete evidence of the possible, rewarding achievement and creativly moving towards the sublime whenever truthful. Sincerely wrought efforts join together and whenven nations, communities and people hail collective collaborations peacefully as well as lovinginly.

Hedi Belhassen


Monument Unveiling
The mosaic features the powerful god of the sea, Neptune [also known as Poseidon] who remains very much alive in Tunisia, particularly at the great annual freedom celebration anchored by the Sousse Carnival. "Neptune Triumphant" was a popular theme for Roman art patrons who commissioned many mosaics during the 700 years of Roman dominance of Tunisia between the 2nd century BC and the 5th century AD. Just across the Mediterranean and within sight on a clear day is Italian island of Sicily with EU member and FECC activist organization Malta in between.

Look for the mosaic monument in the central square of the Sousse downtown

Dies Natalis

2007 Ptuj, Slovenia - Slovenia's oldest and city and home of its greatest annual festival- the annual Februay Carnival



"On behalf of the steering committee of Asoussouu carnival committee, I should like to express our never, failing, never wavering loyalty to His Highness President Zenelabibine BEN ALI whose Solomon like wisdom has upgraded Tunisia enabling her to  be a well- led country yearning to a universally -salvational mission, promoting universality, witnessing international cross -cultural events as a constructive partner acting for the salvation of the global village having a firm belief in the redemptive effects of solidarity and tolerance which all Tunisian citizens and dwellers enjoy daily."

Hedi Belhassen

Women of Tunisia
99% of Tunisian 6-year old girls are enrolled in schools

The proportion of girls in secondary schools is 53%

In higher education, female students make up 58.1% of the total number of students

Life expectancy among women: 75.3 years

Deliveries performed with medical assistance: 90%

Women make up nearly one-quarter of Tunisia's working population. More than 10,000 women are heads of business.

Women account for one-third of associations members. 35 women are presidents of national associations.


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