The 2001 21st annual Foundation of European Carnival Cities Convention in photos 

The Sunday following the first annual 2001 Saint Petersburg Carnival was the 7th annual Pushkin or Tsar's Village  Carnaval celebrated with devotion, mirth and spectacle The Festival begins with a short but fantastic parade and features hundreds of accomplished and talented dancers and musicians who perform well into the evening on the many stages surrounding the historic town square.  Many festival goers wear costumes for the much anticipated annual event which continues to grow in both size and creativity. The magical day concludes late in the evening with white night fireworks best seen from  the magnificent grounds surrounding the extraordinary Catherine's Palace .
Pushkin Carnaval


FECC International President Henry van der Kroon and the townspeople of Pskov share a mutual admiration and joint interest in developing a Carnaval to be known for satiric humor and mythical characters. 

  FECC in Pskov
The historic town of Pskov will soon be celebrating its 1100th birthday in 2003. The City leadership is pleased to find Carnival capable of fueling their children's imaginations positively as well as acting as a highlight in their campaign for greater  tourism.  With the success of the winter Carnival, Carnival is the theme for the two largest celebrations in town.


The FECC witnessed the historic return of the annual Saint Petersburg parade as the sidelined uniforms left the marching to costumed characters and over a million spectators cheered presentations by each district of St. Petersburg. 

President of FECC-Russia and St. Petersburg Carnaval producer Igor Gabruishkin prepares to cut the tie of Vladimir Yakovlev, Governor of Saint-Petersburg & Mr. Gennady Tkachev, Chair of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg. City Fathers expect tourism to play an increasing role for citizens and the Carnival's launch at the beginning of the peak tourist season on June to September will give visitors a chance to experience the creative traditions and great artistry of Russia's most beautiful and historic City. More Fotos 
Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the 21st FECC Carnival City Convention was help at the opulent great monument of the czars-Katherine's Palace


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