Visit Report OVAR CARNIVAL 2007

17th-21st February

I was impressed by the efforts done by FECC Portugal (under supervision Fernando Costa i Silva) the Camara Municipal ( Mayor Dr. Manuel Alves de Oliviera) the Junta de Freguesian de Ovar ( president Joaquin Santos Barbosa) and all the carnival-associations of Ovar.

Directly after my arrival at Oporto Airport the Mayor Dr. Manuel Alves de Oliviera had organized an official reception. Furthermore after the diner in the house of our vice-president Dr. David Brandao (excellent cooking by his wife Maria) we visited the carnival clubs XAXAS and the big hall where the allegoric floats were built.

The carnaval of Ovar has been divided in 3 categories of associations :

  • Escolas de Samba

  • Carnavaleco

  • Paselle

On the Saturday-evening was the parade of the Samba-schools ( Costa de Prata, Charanguinha , Juventude Vareira and Kan-Kans). It was a sparkling show. After the show I visited the carnival-tent (max.4500 visitors), The organizing committee had offered a special organization to manage the tent and program with famous Portuguese bands. This committee pays a certain amount to the Ovar Carnival Foundation. Entrance is .13,50 on Saturday/Sunday/Monday.

On Sunday 18th February. is the important carnival-parade. Fortunately it was a sunny day. After a visit to the office of the Ovar Carnival Foundation we went together with the Mayor of Ovar to the public gallery (tribune). All the 24 carnival associations had great presentations. The organizing committee of the parade has made a fantastic system with stopwatches to control the passing-time and prevent delays. Delays results in penalty points for the final results of the Jury !!!

In the evening we visited the tent again and I have tried my first "Caipirinho"( a Brazilian drink). Before the tent was waiting hundreds and hundreds of youngsters, because the committee of the tent did not allow more than 4500 visitors.

On the Monday the President of Freguesian de Ovar had organized a special ceremony for FECC Portugal. The Junta of Freguesian de Ovare has decided to apply for FECC membership, likewise all the 24 carnival-associations. From every association one representative was present. FECC-Portugal did grant me as honourable member of FECC-Portugal. The president of the Junta offered me a nice personal plaquette. Fernando and Rosario Costa i Silva offered me a nice diner in their beautiful house. In that night we visited the MAGIC NIGHT of OVAR CARNIVAL. Everybody has been dressed, and you will see the most fantastic creations, it is an absolute spontaneous carnivals night. That carnival did continue until 06.00 AM the next morning.

On Tuesday 20th Febr.a nice lunch was offered by the Mayor of Ovar. One of the guests was Prof. Dr. Fernando Regateiro. He is an important scientist and member of the national ethics commission as professor in genetics.

After the lunch the marid-gras parade took place in this afternoon. All the carnival bands were present and gave their last presentation. In the evening the results were informed to all the carnivalists in the tent.



The winner Samba school 2007 is Charanguinha

The winner of the Carnavalesco Groups is Pinguins

My thanks go to David Brandao and Fernando Costa i

Silva and their collaborators.

It was an enormous experience the Carnival of Ovar.


Henry Ferdinand VAN DER KROON
President FECC


"FECC Hymn" with video from Ovar Carnaval