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Ploermel, Brittany: International FECC Carnival City of 2008
Ploermel, Brittany: International FECC Carnival City of 2008
Rochefort-en-Terre ( Roc'h-an-Argoed  in Breton)
Quiberon (Kiberen in Breton) situated on a peninsula, the Presqu'île de Quiberon. It is primarily known as a seaside resort for the French during summer, and for its history of sardine production. Inhabitants of Quiberon are called Quiberonnais.
Carnac (Breton= Karnag) is a village and commune beside the Gulf of Morbihan on the south coast of Brittany ( 47°35′1″N, 3°4′45″W) and part of the Morbihan département of northwestern France. Its inhabitants are called Carnacois. Carnac is renowned for the Carnac stones, one of the most extensive Neolithic menhirs collections in the world, as well as its beaches popular with tourists.  In the days when to travel by sea was safer and easier than by land, it was intimately connected with "Great Britain" across the water.

The alignments at Carnac rival Stonehenge – its first appearance in recorded history is as the quasi-mythical "Little Britain" of Arthurian legend. Local tradition claims that the reason they stand in such perfectly straight lines is that they are a Roman legion turned to stone by Merlin. The Carnac stones are Neolithic (New Stone Age) - 4500-3300 BCE.

La Trinite Sur Mer Harbour is located at La Trinite Sur Mer off the Bay of Biscay on the southern coast of Brittany


International Carnival City Summit:

 the Ploermel Carnaval and Morbihan District

 The Capital of Carnival in Brittany



28th Congress FECC
du 24 Mai au 1er Juin 2008


Ploermel - France

The 28th FECC International Convention
May 24th - June 1st 2008


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Samedi 24 Mai 2008/ Saturday, May 24th 2008:

Arrival - Transfers from Rennes airport and Rennes Railway Station / Accrual des cangressistes
Navettes aerapart de Rennes Saint-Jacques au la gare de Rennes.

20:00: Opening Ceremony, Welcoming dinner / Diner d' ouverture.

Dimanche 25 Mai 2008/Sunday, May 25th 2008:

10:00 - Holy Mass / 10H: Messe Eglise de Saint Aimel.

11:30: Flag Parade / Defile des delegations avec drapeaux.

12:00: Photo Session / Photo devant 1 'Hotel de Ville.

12:30: Reception at the Town Hall / Pot d' accueil.

13:30: Buffet.

Free afternoon / Apres-midi libre.  

20:00: Medieval Evening / Soiree Medievale.

Lundi 26 Mai 2008/Monday, May 26th 2008:

8:00: Breakfast / Petit Dejeuner.

9:00: Press Conference / Conference de Presse.

10:00: Board Meeting / visit to Josselin for other participants / Assemblee du Presidium '- Depart des non-participants vers Josselin, visite du Chateau.

11:30: General Assembly / Assemblee Generate.

13:00 - Lunch / Dejeuner a ploermel

15:00: Workshop : Carnival amongst people. 2 participants per country. Visit to Rochefort en Terre and Malestroit for other participants / Atelier a themes Camaval entre les Peuples (2 participants par pays).Depart des non-participants vers Rochefort-en- Terre et Malestroit.

20:00: Breton evening, followed by a disco / Soiree Folklore Breton a la Salle des Fetes Soiree KRAMPOUZ,
suivi d 'une soiree Disco.

Mardi 27 Mai 2008/Tuesday, May 27th 2008:

9:30: Children's Carnival (1200 primary school children). / Carnaval des Enfants (chars, etc.)
Participation des 4 ecoles de PLoERMEL (1200 enfants costumes).

12:00: End of carnival in front of the town hall / Cloture du Carnaval des Enfants devant 1 'hotel de Ville

12:30: Cocktail / Cocktail Breton a la Salle des Fetes.


13:00:Visit to our workshop and free lunch. Free afternoon or Breton Games /  Visite de l' Atelier des Carnavaliers suivi d 'un Buffet. Apres-midi libre en ville ou jeux bretons (palets, boules Bretonnes, etc.).

18:00: Back to the Hotel / Retour a 1 'hotel.

20:00 : Sailor's Evening, followed by a Disco Soiree Chants Marins  Moules / Frites, suivi d 'une soiree Disco.


Mercedi 28 Mai 2008/ Wednesday, May28th 2008:

9:00: Trip to the Morbihan Gulf / Depart vers le Golfe du Morbihan.

Visit to Vannes, Lunch / Visite de Vannes.
Dejeuner dans le vieux Vannes.

14:30: Promenade on the Gulf / Promenade en bateau sur le Golfe du Morbihan.

19:15: Return to Ploermel / Retour vers PLOERMEL.

21:00: Buffet, followed by a disco / Diner Buffet suivi d 'une soiree Disco.

Jeudi 29 Mai 2008/ Thursday, May 29th 2008:

8:30: Trip to Saint Malo / Depart vers Saint Malo Citee des Corsaires, visite.  

13:00: Lunch in Avranches / Dejeuner a Avranches.

14:00: Visit of Mont Saint Michel (St Michel's Mount) the 8th wonder of the world.  / Visite du Mont Saint-Michel, une des merveilles de 1 'Occident classee par 1 'Unesco.  


Return to Ploermel / Retour sur Ploermel.

21:00: Gala dinner, followed by a disco / Diner de Gala- anime par l'Orchestre STUDIO

Vendredi 30 Mai 2008/ Friday, May 30th 2008:

10:00: Presentation of host cities for the 31st convention. Presentation of the host city for the 29th convention /  Presentation des villes candidates pour la 31 erne Convention. Presentation de la ville organisatrice de la 2gerne Convention. Pot a 1 'issue des presentations.

Free lunch and free afternoon / Repas et apres-midi libre en Ville.

19:30: Buffet.  

21:00: Soiree Disco.

22:00: Show at the Town Hall, followed by a Disco / Soiree Spectacle GALDY SHOW Place de la mairie. Suivi d 'une soiree Disco jusqu' a 2H.


Samedi 31 Mai 200/ Saturday, May31st 2008:

9:30: Trip to Quiberon. The archeological site of Carnac. La Trinite sur mer Harbour. Picnic / Depart Baie de Quiberon Site archeologique de Carnac Port de La Trinite sur Mer. Repas.

17:00: Back to Ploermel / Retour vers PLOERMEL.

19:00: Presentation of flag ceremony / Ceremonie de la Remise du drapeau devant 1 'Hotel de ville avec la participation du Bagad de Ploermel Association Soleil des lIes .  


20:00: Closing Ceremony / Cocktail Cloture.

21:00: Dinner / Diner de Cloture.

22:30: Street Carnival / Parade Nocturne.



24:00:Fireworks, followed by a disco / Feu d ' Artifice soiree Disco.

Dimanche 1er Juin 2008/ Saturday, June 1st 2008:Download

Departure / Depart des Congressistes.




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