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In 1988, Carnival in Aalborg was granted a member of the international carnival federation; Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC).

FECC was founded in 1980 and has more than 160 members in 46 countries world wide. The main goals of the federation is to contribute to the construction and development of local carnivals and to enable a collaboration between countries, traditions and cultures. As such, FECC arranges meetings, seminars and conferences, where the participating carnival cities can exchange ideas and experiences. 

Once a year, FECC arranges a large international carnival conference, where the membership countries interchangeably act as hosts. In 1992, Aalborg hosted the conference and representatives from all over the world came to Aalborg to meet, learn and exchange experiences. This event resulted in the first international street parade in Aalborg -an initiative, which has developed into the well-known competition on Friday evening; The Battle of Carnival Bands.

Since the first carnival in Aalborg in 1983, our ambition has been to continuously develop the carnival and to put an international mark on the event, and thus, being a member of FECC is of great importance to Carnival in Aalborg. In this, there are elements of the Carnival in Aalborg, which are based on inspiration from our international colleagues. For instance, the tradition regarding the King of Carnival, which has been a part of the Carnival in Aalborg since 1990, is greatly inspired by age old traditions from the Southern-European carnivals. 

Our membership of the FECC is highly valuable in establishing international contacts -not only in relations to knowledge exchange but also when it comes to our opportunities to visit foreign carnivals and not the least, the ability to present the audience of Carnival in Aalborg with an experience of international standard. As such, every year since the beginning of the 90's, we have been able to present several international carnival groups in Friday's competition, Battle of Carnival Bands, and subsequently in the grand parade on Saturday.